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Practice Tests are as important as regular studies and practice in competitive examinations, and especially in the CMAT! How close your practice tests get to the actual tests is what you ought to consider next. CPLC's Test Series is designed to offer you the best test taking experience and are almost similar to the actual tests for any set of test writers! You can test this for yourself. We are offering our ProcCMAT (2018 CMAT format). To avail the same you need to click on Register Now. While we assure you the best test taking experience that you can have, let us also wish you all the best!

Complete Analytics to Help You Crack CMAT

Analytics in Test Prep refers to monitoring your competitors and understanding your relative position among the test takers.
This helps you to understand your current level of preparation and realize the additional effort required to improve your competency. Analytics should always be followed by remedial action and identification of improvement areas for arriving at desired results.
Our analytics cover the following points:

1 Performance Categories

Where do you Stand?
This analysis will predict your position among the students of India for every subject and combined total. It will help you to focus strategically by working on remedying weaknesses and reinforcing the strengths.

2 Overall Performance Analysis

This analysis facilitates students to compare themselves with toppers and other peers. Your marks are compared with the Topper, Average of all students and average of top 10.

3 Time Management

Find out if you are a Time Saver or Time Taker in this test based on average time taken per question. Compare yourself to toppers, the average of all students and even yourself. This analysis will benefit you immensely.

4 Question wise Analysis

The aim of this analysis is to continually identify and remove weaknesses to reach the desired level of proficiency. After reviewing every test, you analyze in detail, the sub-skills where your score is low. The student takes subsequent tests on these sub-skills so that improvement happens in progressive iterations.

5 Difficulty Level wise Analysis

This Analysis will show you how well you performed on difficult questions as compared to your peers.

CPLC MBA Test Series 2018


Test Name Particular Number of Tests Mode of Test Price
CMAT 2018 Take Home FLT (5) 5 Online Rs 750/-

Payment Modes - Offline/Online

1 Offline Payment

CPLC ICICI Bank Details :
Beneficiary Name: Chitale's Personalised Learning Pvt Ltd.
A/c. No: 015105012780
IFSC Code: ICIC0000151
MICR: 400229015
Bank Branch: Sector No.1, Vashi Branch.


Contact : 9702307888

2 Online Payment

Following modes of online payment are supported:
Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking
Master-Card, Maestro, Visa, American-Express

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