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 Sectional Tests

There will be a total of 30 Sectional Tests; 10 each of Quantitative Aptitude, LR DI (Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation) and Verbal Ability (Verbal reasoning Reading Comprehension).

Sectional Tests are strongly recommended if you want to improve your attempt in each section, especially if a certain section is your weakness.

Sectional Test To be made live
Sectional Test Quant 1 Sectional Test Verbal 1 Sectional Test LRDI 1 25-Jun
Sectional Test Quant 2 Sectional Test Verbal 2 Sectional Test LRDI 2 25-Jun
Sectional Test Quant 3 Sectional Test Verbal 3 Sectional Test LRDI 3 25-Jun
Sectional Test Quant 4 Sectional Test Verbal 4 Sectional Test LRDI 4 25-Jun
Sectional Test Quant 5 Sectional Test Verbal 5 Sectional Test LRDI 5 25-Jun
Sectional Test Quant 6 Sectional Test Verbal 6 Sectional Test LRDI 6 02-Jul
Sectional Test Quant 7 Sectional Test Verbal 7 Sectional Test LRDI 7 02-Jul
Sectional Test Quant 8 Sectional Test Verbal 8 Sectional Test LRDI 8 09-Jul
Sectional Test Quant 9 Sectional Test Verbal 9 Sectional Test LRDI 9 09-Jul
Sectional Test Quant 10 Sectional Test Verbal 10 Sectional Test LRDI 10 09-Jul

TakeHome Tests

These tests are on the lines of last five year’s CAT paper pattern. To make these tests a sound barometer for your preparation, some variations on the existing question types and some entirely new types of questions have been added. Difficulty level varies from ‘easy’ to ‘very difficult’. These tests are to be taken at home at your convenience. Ideally you should take this test in one go i.e. without any break.

Take Home Test To be made live Take Home Test To be made live
TakeHomeCAT - 1 02-Jul TakeHomeNMAT - 1 23-Jul
TakeHomeCAT - 2 02-Jul TakeHomeNMAT - 2 30-Jul
TakeHomeCAT - 3 09-Jul TakeHomeNMAT - 3 06-Aug
TakeHomeCAT - 4 09-Jul TakeHomeNMAT - 4 13-Aug
TakeHomeCAT - 5 16-Jul  
TakeHomeCAT - 6 16-Jul  
TakeHomeCAT - 7 23-Jul  
TakeHomeCAT - 8 23-Jul  
TakeHomeCAT - 9 30-Jul  
TakeHomeCAT - 10 30-Jul  
TakeHomeCAT - 11 06-Aug  
TakeHomeCAT - 12 06-Aug  
TakeHomeCAT - 13 13-Aug  
TakeHomeCAT - 14 13-Aug  
TakeHomeCAT - 15 20-Aug  

Master Tests

These tests simulate the last two year’s paper pattern. Difficulty level is that of actual exam based on our last two years’ experience. These tests are to be taken at home at your convenience. An ideal attempt would be to take this test in one go i.e. without any break.

MasterTest To be made live
MasterCAT - 1 25-Jun MasterNMAT - 1 20-Aug
MasterCAT - 2 27-Aug    
MasterCAT - 3 03-Sep    
MasterCAT - 4 10-Sep    
MasterCAT - 5 17-Sep    

Proctored Tests

These tests are proctored on the last year’s actual CAT paper. Difficulty level and type of questions mirror the actual exam of the previous year. These tests are to be taken at our test venue. Registration for the same is must. For the exam that is scheduled for the designated Sunday, registrations will start on Thursday at 12pm and will close on Saturday at 9pm.

ProcTest To be made live
ProcCAT – 1 08-Jul ProcNMAT - 1 23-Sep
ProcCAT – 2 05-Aug    
ProcCAT – 3 19-Aug    
ProcCAT – 4 09-Sep    
ProcCAT – 5 07-Oct    

Note : Test Series details for IIFT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT and CET will be updated soon.

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