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According to the Indian Constitution a Government should always have Majority support in the Parliament to be in Power. A No Confidence Motion is passed if it is felt that the Government doesn’t hold majority. The Government has to then demonstrate its Majority on the floor. No Confidence Motion can be raised by any Member of the Parliament in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) with support of at least 50 MP’s.

Under such circumstances the Prime Minister has to prove his Majority in the House. Failing to which the Motion gets passed and the Council of Minister have to resign. The President then invites another person to prove Majority and form the Government.


Governments of Countries across the Globe have provisions for a No Confidence Motion in Parliaments. The first No Confidence Motion was passed in the year 1782 when the Parliament of Britain against the Prime Minister. Some of the countries following the No Confidence Motion in their Parliaments are United Kingdom, India, Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa.

Countries like Russia with Presidential systems also have No Confidence Motion under which the President can be impeached.

The Recent No Confidence Motion:

In the latest happenings, Telugu Desam Party’s MP Mr. Jayadev Galla initiated the No Confidence Motion citing inefficiency of the Government to deliver its promises. The Lok Sabha Speaker accepted the Motion and put it on the floor.

The No Confidence Motion was defeated by the Modi Government with 325 votes in favour of the Government and 126 against.

Past No Confidence Motions:

In the year 1999 Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee lost a No Confidence Motion by a single vote. After being the Prime Minister of 11 months, V. P. Singh lost a No Confidence Motion in 1990. PM H.D. Deve Gowda had also lost a No Confidence Motion in 1997 after being in power for 7 months.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi defeated the No Confidence Motion on 20th July, 2018. This was the first No Confidence Motion put on floor after over 15 years.





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