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The Story of Deepkumar Girdhar [SPIT to IIM Ahmedabad]

My IIM Interview Experience

In IIM-A, the first stage was the AWT. The topic was case study where a parent writes to the school teacher of his/her child, accusing the teacher that the child spends too much time on social networking sites and that it is the fault of the teacher. We were asked to analyse the mindset of the parent for making such an allegation and the counter-arguments that the teacher can make to disprove the allegation. Only one side of the page was given to write the answer.

In the interview, I was asked about my academics first. After telling them about my stream (computer engineering fresher) they asked me about the subjects that I had. I mentioned only the subjects which I liked and was confident speaking about. They pointed out one subject and asked me to tell what it was about. I told them the basic contents. They asked me why it was important and I told them about its applications in the real world. Then I was asked about my interests. I told them about coding and cooking. I was asked a basic programming problem (Fibonacci series) and asked to give a pseudo code. Then I was asked to optimize it two times and then compare all the three methods. Next they asked me about the things I like to cook, the maggi controversy and my views on it. Then they asked me what the government should look at while developing a food product for the general public. I was then asked about MSG and PUFA. That was it. I answered most of the questions casually and truthfully without taking too much tension as the interviewers were very friendly and jovial. Interview Preparation

CPLC gave a lot of mock interviews with various professors who gave very valuable inputs on how to present myself. Also, being myself without being too extravagant helped a lot in the final interview. I analyzed myself well. Being a fresher, I also went through my curriculum. I went through all the current issues which were happening at that time. That’s all I did. We were taught at CPLC to be relaxed for the interview and not to take too much of stress. That’s what I did during the interview. Kept clam and gave the answers confidently.

How I prepared for CAT

VA was my major concern as my reading speed as well as my vocab was not excellent. I started reading books regularly as well as used some vocab apps to improve both of them. Apart from the CPLC assignment books I also solved random problems and puzzles online to improve my speed and learn new techniques.

I was in my final year of computer engineering without workex. I usually studied the engineering subjects when the exams were near and practiced QA, LRDI and VA at regular intervals at least once a week for every section.

I started serious preparations for CAT when the mock tests started. I took the tests very seriously. In the last two months before CAT I started full fledged prep with at least 2-3 papers in a week and constant revision in advance as my final exams were at the same time as CAT. In the last two weeks I gave almost 2-3 papers in a day with one paper being at the same time of the day when my CAT was scheduled. I gave almost all the mocks that CPLC provided online as well as offline. My mock result scores varied a lot but my percentile was around the same every time.

For VA, I went with my instincts and attempted almost every question. For LRDI, I read the problem as well as the questions and decided within a minute if the whole set was worth solving. If not I moved on and came back if I had time.

For QA too I did the same thing as LRDI and solved the questions as fast as I could so that I could solve more questions as QA was my forte. The online tests of CPLC gave very accurate and detailed analysis of the areas I lacked in. If I was lacking a little then I would give that area more prep time but if I was lacking too much then I gave up on that type of questions so as to save time for questions which I could solve easily and more correctly with higher accuracy.

In the last two months before CAT I started full fledged prep with at least 2-3 papers in a week and constant revision in advance as my final exams were at the same time as CAT. In the last two weeks I gave almost 2-3 papers in a day with one paper being at the same time of the day when my CAT was scheduled.

I was very cool on the day of the CAT thinking that it was just another mock test and not worrying too much about the outcome. Giving mocks on the same time of the day as the actual CAT was very helpful to get used to the pressure.

Background of Deepkumar Girdhar

10th Score: 91.43%
12th Score: 91.17%
Graduated as Computer Science Engineer from SPIT in 2016
CAT Score: 99.57%ile
Extra curricular activities: Participated in Quiz Competitions, Arranged events in college.

Tips I would like to give to the future CAT aspirants:

Do not take too much tension. Practice regularly but not too much. Take mock tests as a challenge and attempt seriously. Get used to the variety of questions so much that solving becomes second nature. Solve problems and puzzles for fun. Practice from varied sources. Always have a good competitor friend. Nothing is as motivating as the right competition. Keep calm on D-day and everything will be fine.

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  • I always had issues in solving complex problems of Time-Speed-Distance and Permutation-Combination. CPLC's TAT methodology, where all the concepts and problems are taught in Audio/Visual format, helped me in visualizing the concept much better. I think they have adopted the best methodology for learning concepts.

    Suruchi Mundhra
    IIM Ahmedabad Student, CAT 2013

  • CPLC's faculties are some of the best I've ever come across. They go in a systematic way to explain each concept and for solving problems they would not just show multiple methods but explain how one should approach a question. I think this was the most important part for cracking any

    Hargun Chadha
    Calls from ISB & IIM, CAT 2013


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