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The Story of Abhilasha Mittal [SPIT to FMS]

My Interview Experience

I got calls from IIM C, L, l, K, and S.P.Jain. IIM-L was my first interview. One of the interviewers was a trained classical dancer like me, so we had a discussion on Bharatnatyam. Other one was a faculty of subject of which I had made my final year project. It was a long but a good interview. But I could not convert it.

My FMS was a very short interview. They asked me to introduce myself. They gave me the topic ‘Women Empowerment’ and asked me to talk over it for a minute. They then asked my basic HR questions (why MBA, why FMS, two strengths, etc.) The interview lasted for only 10mins but I performed well and converted it!

How I prepared for my interview

I revised all my engineering subjects, updated myself with the current affairs, economics and banking related topics and general HR questions. I gave a lot of mock interviews in CPLC which really helped me to polish myself.

How I prepared for CAT

I had a three month break between graduation and joining date of my job. So that was the peak time when I started my preparations for CAT 2015. I had a lot of time to prepare myself and work on the weaknesses. For the first two months, I revised all the concepts. Since Verbal Ability was my weakness, so I started reading a lot of books, articles and newspapers. I had scored 99%ile in Quants in my previous attempt of CAT, so that way I was confident about it and I also found LRDI easy. So I just revised the concepts regularly and focused more on Verbal. Time management was also one of the concerns last year. So as soon as I got done with the portion, I started taking a lot of sectional and full length mock tests. In the last three months, I only took tests.

I had very rigorous job training for the first two months of my job. But I still made sure that I write one sectional test every day. And during weekends, I used to revise, solve full length mock test and analyze them. The mock results weren’t consistent throughout. I had made a lot of mistakes in my mock tests. But I used to analyze them well. I used to make a note and take screenshots of things I found tricky or if I came across any easy method.

My training got over a week before CAT. I flew to Mumbai and again had to join office. In the last one week I didn’t take any mocks and just focused on revising the concepts.

I did not feel nervous on the day of CAT since I had given a lot of mock tests. So I knew that if I perform as I had performed during mock tests, I would score well. I feel solving and analyzing mock is imperative for scoring well in the actual CAT. I got 99.97%ile in QA, 88.02%ile in VA and 98.90%ile in LRDI.

Tips I would like to give to future CAT aspirants

Write a lot of mocks.
Be calm and not to get panicked.
Work on your weaknesses.

Background of Abhilasha Mittal

  1. CAT Score: 99.67%ile
  2. 10th score: 94.46%
  3. 12th score: 82.83%
  4. Graduated in Computer Engineering from SPIT in 2015 (68.58%)
  5. Extra Curricular activities: Learned Bharatnatyam for 7 years, Painting, organizing events.
  6. Co-curricular: My Technical research Paper got published in an International Journal
  7. Work Experience: 4 months (EXL Services

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