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The story of Darshika Singh [ MPSTME to IIM Indore]

My IIM interview Experience:

My WAT topic for IIM Indore was on Terrorism and its causes. Overall, my IIM Interview was good. I had 3 panelists. One of them was good and acknowledged whatever I said in a nice manner. Other panelist kept on asking me question which he knew I would be unable to answer and grilled me. The last one kept on laughing at me and mocking me for whatever I said.

They asked me about my academics, artificial intelligence, Aadhar Card and related policies. I was the Google Brand Ambassador in my college and I have a YouTube Channel. So they asked me about Google and YouTube. I was able to answer all the questions in a confident manner. They tried putting me under stress but I kept calm and gave my best. I also converted NMIMS Mumbai.

How I prepared for my Interview:

I got calls from IIM Indore, NMIMS Mumbai and S.P.Jain (Profile based call). S.P.Jain was my first interview and I couldn’t convert it. So I put all the possible effort for IIM Indore call. I prepared really hard for my IIM Interview. I went through all the Current Affairs happening and gave lot of mock interviews at CPLC. The professors gave really good insights and helped me improve my PI skills. Being a fresher, I also went through my graduation subjects. It is very important to know oneself well enough before going for an interview. I prepared for all the generic HR questions.

How I prepared for my CAT

I had taken a break right after my graduation and that’s when I started preparing for CAT. I started preparing seriously from June 2015. This was my first attempt of CAT. When I started preparing for CAT, I realized that I am comfortable with VA and LRDI but I am facing serious issues with QA. The only thing I did for QA was Practice. Time management was a major issue while I used to take mock test. So I started with analyzing the easy and medium difficulty level questions and attempted those first. I used to score around 100-110 in my mocks and the score was quite consistent throughout.

In the last 30 days of CAT, I used different strategy. Since I was really comfortable with VA, the only thing I used to do was read more and more articles, books and follow various topics (humanities, philosophy, literature). Usually while attempting the verbal section, majority of the people try and attempt more grammar and reasoning questions. My strategy was to improve my score in Reading Comprehension section. I used spend more time in solving RCs and tried to get high accuracy in that area.

I was good at LR, so I didn’t spend a lot time over it. For DI, my focus was to improve my mental calculation speed and improve myself on Time Management .

For Quants, I kept on revising all the concepts over and over. On the D-Day of CAT, I was a bit nervous but I didn’t pressurize myself. I did not worry about the result and that made me calm and helped me to perform to my fullest.

Background of Darshika Singh

10th score: 93.5%
12th score: 88.2%
Graduation in Computer Engineering from MPSTME. (3.75/4 CGPA)
CAT 2015: 93.74%ile

Tips I would like to give to the future CAT Aspirants

One mantra which I followed religiously was, “Hardwork might not pay off, but regular work will definitely pay off well.” For Aptitude test, it is very important to be regular with studies. It’s okay if one can’t give 5-6hrs daily. But it is very important to be regular with studies.

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