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The story of Urvi Nerurkar [ICT (Pharmacy) to IIM Ahmedabad]

(IIM A Batch of 2017-19, Marketing)


Interview Experience:

IIM A looked for diversity in the batch this year and my co-curricular and academics were very strong, this was in the focus during the interview. So, having a good profile is as much of importance as getting a good score in the CAT is. Apart from IIM A, I got calls from IIM B, L, K, I, MDI, XIMB and S.P.Jain.
My IIM A interview was pretty relaxed. The panel was pretty chilled and they did not grill me at all.
The internship I did at Dr.Reddy’s laboratories was in focus. They asked me lot of technical things related to my field. They asked me questions about steroids, micro-organisms, antibiotics, homeopathy, ayurveda, etc. We also had a discussion over my favorite subject during graduation.
The interview lasted for around 10-15mins.
I did not know answers to few questions, to which I said “I don’t know.”
It is okay not to know answers to all the questions. But it is important to be honest about it.

Interview Preparation:

I got S.P.Jain’s profile based call and there after I had my IIM A interview. So, I just got around 16-17 days to prepare for my IIM A interview. CPLC helped me a lot with the GDPI Preparations. I gave lot of mock interviews at CPLC and that made me confident for the actual interview. Usually, mock interviews are a lot tougher than the actual interview.
For my interview, I had prepared a lot. I went through general current affairs, world news, politics, and general facts about India. I had also prepared for the HR questions, the technical aspect of my academics, pharmaceutical companies, etc. I want to specialization in Marketing. That’s why I also went through the basics and marketing, the 4P’s of marketing, theories of Philip Kotler, etc. It is extremely important to be prepared with everything and anything. You never know what questions the interviewer will ask you.

How I prepared for CAT 2015:

For CAT 2015, I started studying from July. I had appeared for CAT 2014 as well but I could not focus much on it because of my graduation. So before starting my CAT 2015 preparations, I was very clear about my strengths and weakness. My biggest weakness was Quants. This is because coming from Pharmacy background, the last time I did math was in the 1st year in graduation. Verbal Ability was my strength and it always came naturally to me.
In LRDI, I knew all I had to do was practice, so even that was taken care of.
I believe, it is extremely important to go though the material very well and know the basic concepts of all the topics in depth. I completed all my basics and concepts by September and started with mocks from August.
In total I had given around 16-17 full length mock tests and a lot of sectional tests of Quants, since it was my weak area. I believe taking sectional tests of Quants gave me a lot of confidence and I kept me calm at the time of actual test.

I did not have any test strategies as such since the time and sequence of the sections was fixed.
Since verbal was my strong area, I had decided to solve as many verbal questions as possible.
Also, keeping a cool mind is very important while appearing for the CAT. In the actual CAT, LRDI was extremely tough, the key here is to keep clam and not freak out.
The mock results were always around 95%ile. The results became consistent post in October. My score in the actual CAT was 166.

In the last 30 days, I studied for 8-10hrs daily. And worked a lot in Quants. Also I made it a point to capitalize on my strengths and improve my accuracy in Verbal. I had made a list of new words which I used to come across during mocks or otherwise and revised it regularly in the last 30 days.

According to me, test analysis is extremely important. After writing the mock, I made it a point to immediately analyze it. I used to go through all the questions and its solution and made a note of all the mistakes and took care that I don’t repeat the mistake. Speed analysis is also very important while taking the test. Spending too much time on one question is a sin. If I didn’t know the answer, I used to move on to the other question immediately.
On the D-Day, 29th November 2015, I was absolutely relaxed and blank. I did not study 3 day prior the exam. I just relaxed and spent time with family. The morning of the actual CAT, I just went through the formula sheet and the wordlist I had made. That’s it. If you study a lot, there are high chances of you getting panicky during the actual test.


Background Of Urvi Nerurkar:

10th score: 95.38%
12th score: 86.67%
Graduated in 2014 as Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from ICT, Mumbai (CGPA 9.6)
Interned at Dr.Reddy’s Laboratory for 1 year.
CAT 2015 score – 98.02 Percentile

Extracurricular activity –

I have learned singing for 5 years and have passed 2 exams of singing from Akhil Bhartiya Mandal. I love dancing and had participated in various dance competitions during my graduation. I had also choreographed few dances for my college.

    Co-curricular activities and Scholarships:
  1. BAYER’S Scholarship for Academic and Career Excellence
  2. Ratan Tata Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  3. ICT Merit Fund Scholarship
  4. Shri Ashwin Desai Prize for Best All-Rounder Day Scholar
    Here are few tips I would like to give the future CAT aspirants.
  1. Go through all the material very well while preparing for exam, and the interview.
  2. In CAT, it is important to score well in all the sections. So work on your weakness.
  3. Prepare a study plan and follow it religiously.
  4. Be calm. Always. If you get panicky, you’ll screw up.

That’s all. Good luck to you all

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  • I always had issues in solving complex problems of Time-Speed-Distance and Permutation-Combination. CPLC's TAT methodology, where all the concepts and problems are taught in Audio/Visual format, helped me in visualizing the concept much better. I think they have adopted the best methodology for learning concepts.

    Suruchi Mundhra
    IIM Ahmedabad Student, CAT 2013

  • CPLC's faculties are some of the best I've ever come across. They go in a systematic way to explain each concept and for solving problems they would not just show multiple methods but explain how one should approach a question. I think this was the most important part for cracking any

    Hargun Chadha
    Calls from ISB & IIM, CAT 2013


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