Toppers Speak

The story of Urvi Nerurkar [ICT (Pharmacy) to IIM Ahmedabad]

(IIM A Batch of 2017-19, Marketing)


Interview Experience:

IIM A looked for diversity in the batch this year and my co-curricular and academics were very strong, this was in the focus during the interview. So, having a good profile is as much of importance as getting a good score in the CAT is. Apart from IIM A, I got calls from IIM B, L, K, I, MDI, XIMB and S.P.Jain.
My IIM A interview was pretty relaxed. The panel was pretty chilled and they did not grill me at all.
The internship I did at Dr.Reddy’s laboratories was in focus. They asked me lot of technical things related to my field. They asked me questions about steroids, micro-organisms, antibiotics, homeopathy, ayurveda, etc. We also had a discussion over my favorite subject during graduation.
The interview lasted for around 10-15mins.
I did not know answers to few questions, to which I said “I don’t know.”
It is okay not to know answers to all the questions. But it is important to be honest about it.

Interview Preparation:

I got S.P.Jain’s profile based call and there after I had my IIM A interview. So, I just got around 16-17 days to prepare for my IIM A interview. CPLC helped me a lot with the GDPI Preparations. I gave lot of mock interviews at CPLC and that made me confident for the actual interview. Usually, mock interviews are a lot tougher than the actual interview.
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