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The Story of Deepkumar Girdhar [SPIT to IIM Ahmedabad]

My IIM Interview Experience

In IIM-A, the first stage was the AWT. The topic was case study where a parent writes to the school teacher of his/her child, accusing the teacher that the child spends too much time on social networking sites and that it is the fault of the teacher. We were asked to analyse the mindset of the parent for making such an allegation and the counter-arguments that the teacher can make to disprove the allegation. Only one side of the page was given to write the answer.

The Story of Abhilasha Mittal [SPIT to FMS]

My Interview Experience

I got calls from IIM C, L, l, K, and S.P.Jain. IIM-L was my first interview. One of the interviewers was a trained classical dancer like me, so we had a discussion on Bharatnatyam. Other one was a faculty of subject of which I had made my final year project. It was a long but a good interview. But I could not convert it.

My FMS was a very short interview. They asked me to introduce myself. They gave me the topic ‘Women Empowerment’ and asked me to talk over it for a minute. They then asked my basic HR questions (why MBA, why FMS, two strengths, etc.) The interview lasted for only 10mins but I performed well and converted it!

The story of Darshika Singh [ MPSTME to IIM Indore]

My IIM interview Experience:

My WAT topic for IIM Indore was on Terrorism and its causes. Overall, my IIM Interview was good. I had 3 panelists. One of them was good and acknowledged whatever I said in a nice manner. Other panelist kept on asking me question which he knew I would be unable to answer and grilled me. The last one kept on laughing at me and mocking me for whatever I said.

The story of Shrey Jain [NM College to IIM Ahmedabad]

Interview Process:

I got calls from IIM A, L, K, S, new IIMs and XLRI. IIM A was my first interview.
I had my interview at IIM A campus. I got to stay at the campus and that feeling was quite exemplary. That really motivated me to perform well in the interview.

The story of Urvi Nerurkar [ICT (Pharmacy) to IIM Ahmedabad]

(IIM A Batch of 2017-19, Marketing)

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  • I always had issues in solving complex problems of Time-Speed-Distance and Permutation-Combination. CPLC's TAT methodology, where all the concepts and problems are taught in Audio/Visual format, helped me in visualizing the concept much better. I think they have adopted the best methodology for learning concepts.

    Suruchi Mundhra
    IIM Ahmedabad Student, CAT 2013

  • CPLC's faculties are some of the best I've ever come across. They go in a systematic way to explain each concept and for solving problems they would not just show multiple methods but explain how one should approach a question. I think this was the most important part for cracking any

    Hargun Chadha
    Calls from ISB & IIM, CAT 2013


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