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IIFT result declared yesterday.

CPLC students shortlisted

  • Barun Ghosh
  • Harsh Agrawal

CAT 2016 First Slot Analysis

Verbal Ability Section

  1. 5 Reading Comprehension passages - Total 24 questions
    • 3 RCs (700-900 words and 6 questions each.)
    • 2 RCs (600-700 words and 3 questions each.)
  2. 3 questions on selection of odd sentence from a paragraph.
  3. 3 questions on Paragraph Jumble.
  4. 2 questions on Summary.

Except RC, all other questions were non-MCQ, Type in the answer (TITA) questions.

RC Questions are mainly main idea and inference type questions - which means reading the passage is essential.

Good Attempts should be 24-26 out of 32 questions. (approximately 80%)

Quantitative Ability Section

Break-up difficulty-wise

  • Easy - 18-20
  • Medium - 6-8
  • Difficult - 6-8


  • Numbers - 4
  • Set Theory - 1
  • Progressions - 4
  • Geometry - 9
  • Quadratic Equations - 2
  • Linear inequations - 1
  • Time, Speed and Distance - 2
  • Rate and Work - 1
  • Chain Rule - 1
  • Permutations and Combinations - 1
  • Simple and Compound Interest - 2
  • Profit and Loss - 2
  • Ratio Proportion - 1
  • Mixtures - 1
  • Logarithms - 1
  • Averages - 1

Overall Quantitative Ability section can be summed up as easy to medium. If a student uses his/her discretion and doesn't fall in the trap of difficult questions, then this section was definitely manageable.

Last year's pattern regarding Progressions and Geometry has been repeated. Progression questions were formula-based and easy. Geometry had a mix and match ranging from easy to difficult. Algebra (Quadratic and Linear) were very easy. So were Time, Speed, Distance and Rate and Work. In Simple and Compound Interest, they were formula-based. Surprisingly, very low weightage to Permutations and Combinations and no question on Probability.

Number of Attempts should be 23-25 with a combination of 18-20 easy and 5-6 moderate.

No sudden surprised have been sprung. Those who have diligently and regularly studied should find their efforts' reward.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section

Break-up of questions -


  • Easy - 9-11
  • Moderate - 10-12
  • Difficult - 8-10

Topic-wise break-up

  1. Matrix Arrangement - 2 questions easy, 2 difficult
  2. Miscellaneous Logic - 4 difficult, 2 easy, 2 moderate
  3. Tables - with conditionalities - 4 moderate (here, table was given)
  4. Tables - with conditionalities - 2 moderate, 2 difficult (here, table was to be formed)
  5. Numerical Logic - 4 easy.
  6. Venn diagrams - 2 easy, 2 difficult
  7. Table with calculations - 4 moderate

Section was overall on a difficult side. Descriptions for sets were lengthy, conditions were many. A set needed to be looked at carefully and couldn't be solved just y looking at it. So, it was also a time consuming section. Generally, 2 questions easy and 2 difficult because of added information - this was the pattern followed in this section.

Good attempts - 13-15.

No bar graph, pie chart or line graph. Major emphasis on tables and data which can be built into a table. However, conceptual understanding was essential.

CAT 2016 Second Slot

Verbal Ability Section

Total - 34 questions.

2 Reading Comprehension passages of 3 questions each. One was moderate and the other was difficult.

3 Reading Comprehension passages of 6 questions each. One was moderate and the other two were difficult.

All RC questions were Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and remaining 10 questions were Type in the Answer or TITA questions. They were interspersed with the RC questions.

In the remaining 10 questions -

2 Odd Sentence questions - difficult.

5 paragraph jumble questions - moderate.

3 summary questions - 2 moderate and 1 difficult.

Ideal number of attempts 23-26.

Quantitative Ability Section

Difficulty-wise break-up

  • Easy Questions - 16-18
  • Moderate - 12-13
  • Difficult - 6-7

Topic-wise break-up

  • Numbers - 5
  • Set Theory - 1
  • Progressions - 2
  • Geometry - 6
  • Quadratic Equations - 1
  • Linear Inequations - 1
  • Time, Speed, Distance - 3-4
  • Rate and Work - 1
  • Permutations and Combinations - 3
  • Simple and Compound Interest - 2
  • Profit and Loss - 2
  • Ratio and Proportion - 1
  • Mixtures - 1
  • Logarithms - 1
  • Averages - 1

Overall section could be described as easy to moderate. Options were very descriptive.

Time,Speed and Distance questions were lengthy. Could have been solved with the help of options.

Progression questions were application based.

Permutations and Combinations questions were not easy and straightforward.

Algebra (Quadratic equations and linear inequations) was easy.

Geometry was medium to easy.

Total TITA questions 7

Good attempts - 22-24.

No new topic but some questions were combination of 2 topics.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section


  • 1 set on Banks
  • 1 set on Water Supply
  • 1 set on Coding - Decoding


  • 1 set on Venn diagrams
  • 1 set on table
  • 1 set on minimum/maximum
  • 1 set on attributes
  • 1 set on rooms in a hotel

Each set had 4 questions. No pie charts, bar graphs or line graphs. One set had non-MCQ or TITA questions.

Good Attempts - around 5 sets - translating into 20 questions.

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The Revolution was finally revealed yesterday after, an evening of super excitement and entertainment. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the brand ambassador of Robomate+ unveiled the Learning Management System, developed by MT Educare, after a fun-filled evening.

The evening was hosted by the suave Hussain Kuwajerwala. He started off the entertaining evening with a dance show by V Company. The boys of V Company were all over the stage with their amazing dance moves. Hussain himself performed on a couple of Bollywood songs. Other entertainers who had the crowds screaming for more were singers Mohammad Irfan, Mohit Gaur and Mansheel Gujral. Mohammad Irfan sang the songs, he has sung for various Hindi films including Baarish from the film Yaariyan. He was followed by Mohit Gaur, who sang his famous ‘cupcake’ song among others. Digvijay Singh rendered soulful numbers and ended his performance with the song ‘Badtameez Dil’ from the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Dipti Sharma and Suraj Biswas also had the audience tapping to their numbers. Antara Mitra gave a splendid performance and had the audience on their feet with numbers like Duma Dum Mast Kalandar and Balam Pichkari from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Finally, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan took the stage to unveil the Robomate+ app. Before the actual launch, Mr. Bachchan remembered his own days of school and studying and advised the students that “Education is an investment which gives dividend till the end of life.” Talking of how other material gains in life are short lived he said, “Money, anyone can steal, but knowledge can never be stolen from you.” He urged the students to “Never stop learning because learning never stops,” and emphasized the necessity to educate women and children.

Applauding the efforts made by MT Educare towards the profession of teaching he said that MT Educare has brought back the system of Gurukuls. It is now easy to have guidance from a teacher anywhere anytime and MT Educare’s efforts are unparalleled in this area.

He finally unveiled the app in the most innovative way. His movements were replicated on screen using augmented reality, showcasing the finer points of the app. Mr. Bachchan also enjoyed himself during the demonstration.

Mr. Bachchan introduced Robomate+ as the world’s first curriculum based study app that will not only provide lectures from expert teachers, but also assesses students with objective type tests. The test results are sent to the teacher who can work on improving the students’ weaknesses.

At the end of the evening Mr. Mahesh Shetty, Chairman, MT Educare, and Dr. Chhaya Shastri, Director, joined Mr. Bachchan on stage to launch Robomate+.

To Download the Robomate+ Free app click the Below Link.

Robomate Plus Free Video Lecture