The most challenging part of MBA studies, is to crack the entrance exams. CPLC faculty gives you tips and tricks to ace these exams and get into your dream B School

  1. Check for the experience level of the faculty members 
  2. Don't get lured by the results. Not only check the number of calls, but also check the number of students who were coached 
  3. More ads does not mean that the institute is good, it simply means students do not come to them by word of mouth 
  4. Check what does the institute do to get results out of students who are average at studies 
  5. Check if the institute is using technology to enhance quality of teaching and better understanding 

  1. Is the institute/programme AICTE approved?
  2. Location of the institute: Is it in metro, tier-2 city or outskirts of a city? This is important because while doing an MBA you need to have a constant industry interface for projects and assignments.
  3. Admission procedure of the institute: The more stringent the process, the better will be your peer group there and hence has a capability to attract better placements.
  4. Timing of giving out calls and conducting the admission procedure: Earlier the calls a B-School gives, better are the quality of the students it tends to attract.
  5. Industry Affiliations: Does the institute enjoy patronage of some good companies and hence enjoys good placements and projects and also faculty to share industry experience.