At first glance at a set, no one can grasp what the set is pertaining to. It is as you go on reading and solving and unearthing information bit by bit, the set reveals itself as a whole. The sets are logical, based on reasoning. Before one attempts to solve the question, he will have to think over it for 5-7 mins. The questions in such sets are NEVER direct. Most of such sets have to be left directly on the face of it. 

The trend has shifted from easy-to-understand-data-with-difficult-calculations to more logical questions with lesser calculations. Though the trend has moved away from long and complicated calculations, it's not advisable to attempt CAT without being reasonably good at quick calculations and approximations.

In recent years, some of the questions in this section have become tougher. What must be remembered is that, like other sections as well, if you make sure that you are familiar with the type of questions that you get and the possible methods of solution, you should be able to manage a decent score

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