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    FunctioningAbout Exam

    CPLC NMAT Programme

    Duration: 120 hours

    This has been designed by experts who have been instrumental in hundreds of students securing admission to NMIMS. The program addresses all aspects of the exam - Quant, Verbal and DI/Reasoning. Like our CAT program, even our NMAT program prepares you for CET / CMAT / SNAP / TISS / IBSAT / MAT / ATMA exams.

    • NMAT Programme include (CET / CMAT / SNAP / MICAT / TISS-NET / IBSAT / MAT / ATMA)
    • Additional training for all other management entrance exams
    • 100+ Online & Chapter tests (With detailed analysis)
    • Additional Practice Question bank
    • 8 Book set (3 Concept book & 5 Assignment books)
    • 110 hours Pre-Recorded video lectures (Robomate+)
    • 60+ hours Workshops, Guest lectures & GK Quiz
    • Individual mentoring and doubt solving
    • Unlimite.NAli>Utgnes
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