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After it was founded in 2002, till about 2006, Parag Chitale's Classes was not known to many but to a few discerning CAT aspirants from colleges like NM, HR, Sydenham, DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering & Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, mainly from colleges on the western suburbs. However, those students and many others knew that the Parag Chitale's Classes was unlike the big players in the CAT coaching industry. A few dedicated faculties provided personalised attention and inputs to a limited number of students highly focused on their career goals. Away from the buzz in the CAT coaching industry, Parag Chitale's Classes provided unmatched classroom experience and the best students-to-call ratio in town. This set-up in the past years has grown into several centers on the western and central suburbs, now known as CPLC, with thousands of students and replicate the original personalised teaching model across Mumbai. CPLC has established its first center outside Maharashtra in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


CPLC was established in 2002.

It was as an initiative by Professor S.G. Chitale, co-author of the Chitale-Joshi Mathematics textbook, and his son Parag Chitale. After graduating from VJTI, and then from JBIMS, and after spending a few years in the corporate world, Parag Chitale followed the passion of his heart and turned to teaching. He became a teacher for management subjects in the mainstream undergraduate courses. However, being an MBA himself, Parag Chitale soon saw the opportunity to break away the rigors of mere academics and to be an entrepreneur and to help his students in establishing themselves in fruitful careers.

CPLC was thus born in 2002 with 25 students and two faculty members operating in a residential complex in Santacruz.

CPLC in its initial years was known for its personalised model of guiding the students and had for its motto "Value Education with Personal Attention".

In the next few years CPLC attracted more and more students, mainly from the western suburbs, and grew to several batches. However a limited number of faculties serviced these students without deviating from the guiding principle of personalised attention.

CPLC being the hub of quality conscious candidates, results were not far to seek. Almost all the students of CPLC produced enviable results in the various competitive management exams. Today CPLC students can be found in all the IIMS and the other important B-Schools in India.

Consistent results attracted not only greater number of students, but also some of the best teaching talent available in the country.

The natural consequence was the expansion of the product portfolio to include CAT, CMAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP etc and International exams like GMAT, and BBA for the undergraduates. Also, a number of centers were established in the western and central suburbs of Mumbai. A recent addition is Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

In 2011 CPLC became a venture of MT Educare.