Teaching Methodology

What is Robomate?

We have developed a learning management system called Robomate, which is an IT Application that promotes learning and assessment. It can be web-based, stand-alone or distributed architecture. ROBOMATE is used for proper planning and delivery of educational content to students. It is a complete solution for students, teachers & parents. The system enables the teacher to create and deliver content, monitor student activity, and assess student performance.

A student can access content, such as Video Lectures, Objective Tests, Subjective Tests directly on devices, such as Windows desktops and Android tablets. Additional content such as tests can be downloaded through Internet/local WiFi. The student can also assess their performance.

Parents can access course curriculum, attendance and performance analyses.

How Robomate helps

The Student:

  • To learn at their own pace, time and place
  • To view lectures and take tests as many times as one pleases
  • To learn fast & revise fast
  • To learn as per school’s time table
  • To assess own performance at module level and address weak areas immediately
  • To communicate with faculty through discussion forums

The Teacher:

  • To identify individual students by performance and guide students to improve their weak areas at module level
  • To have more time to assess students, clear their doubts and improve their performance, than just teaching
  • To assess own performance based on the performance of the batches
  • To complete syllabus in a more organized way
  • To upload content and customise it

The Parent:

  • To monitor child’s attendance
  • To monitor child’s performance in various tests
  • To monitor child’s activities on the tab
  • To communicate with Teachers

How Robomate Works

Tab with Timetable and content given to student

Student views Module Video at home as per timetable and attempts End-of-Module tests

Student Tab connects to WIFI on reaching Centre. Entry & Exit times marked. @home activity data uploaded


Teacher views and displays Activity Report in Class. Complete module(s) is taught & revised, and solutions to MCQ are discussed

Teacher releases one or End-of-Lesson tests through Teacher App, which is downloaded on Student Tab and attempted. Teacher displays results & discusses solutions

Results released to Parents on Parent App


Teacher releases End-of-Class Test. Question Paper is activated on Student Tab. Student attempts test  on paper and scans paper with App

Student can view only Question Paper and no other content in the Tab during the test

Teacher releases Home Tests which are activated on the Student Tabs. The solutions are released when the student visits the centre the next time

Test pattern-Easy Medium, Difficult Subjective or Objective

Results released to Parents on Parent App